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EasyADF - a quick and easy tool to make or uncompress ADF and ADZ images.

EasyADF is ideal for creating ADF images for use with WinUAE. Additionally, EasyADF can also uncompress and create LHA archives.
Latest EasyADF will also backup your directories or volumes such as System partition with its backup tool.
EasyADF utility is run from Workbench screen. For convenience, disk images can be written to memory and mounted and accessed on the Workbench screen instead of a physical floppy disk (standard Amiga format disks only).
The EasyADF Compact Flash Transfer Kit is available from Amiga Kit Amiga Store (click here)  
EasyADF Backup function EasyADF Disk Viewer
EasyADF tool included
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EasyADF Transfer ADF
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EasyADF Make ADF
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EasyADF Backup Tool
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EasyADF Disk Viewer
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EasyADF Features:
Create ADF in a few clicks
Write ADF in a few clicks
Uncompress LHA files easily
Backup and compress to LHA
Write ADF to RAD: instead of floppy disk